Growing Faith Church –  Brick NJ

Are you looking for a friendly Christian church in the Ocean County, New Jersey area? 
Growing Faith Church is a welcoming community of sincere Christian believers.

Use Your Intellect to Grow Faith in God.

“Faith comes by hearing…” God invites you to bring your questions to Him. He has given us intellectual capabilities and He wants us to use them as we seek Him with open hearts. “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord” (Isaiah 1:18).  Growing Faith Christian Church teaches Scripture “in context” so that the actual intended meaning is grasped.  This produces growing faith that is rooted in love because it is genuinely grounded in Truth. 

Growing Faith Church is Adding New ‘Connect Groups’

Spiritual growth is a process often learned “in community.”  We encourage steps of growth which include faithful worship and healthy fellowship through our ‘connect groups’.  At Growing Faith Christian Church your voice matters. 

Hear Messages That Speak to the Heart: Never Diluted.

Growing Faith Church

Pastor Marc loves to explain scripture, and is committed to putting significant time and effort in preparation for every sermon. Since his messages are straightforward and clear, we learn how to apply scripture to our lives. 

Grow Sustaining Faith Deeply Rooted in Biblical Truth at Our Christian Church Brick NJ
At Growing Faith Church in Brick NJ your voice matters!


When bad things happen to good people it is easy to blame God. We question why He lets these things happen to us. These are the times when we need sustaining faith: one that can withstand trials.  

At Growing Faith Christian Church (Brick, NJ)  you will be given foundational truths to put into practice as you travel on your spiritual journey and learn to follow Jesus. 

Sound Doctrine / Expository Bible Teaching / Life Application

Growing Faith Christian Church in Ocean County New Jersey offers expository bible teaching.

Pastor Marc teaches the Bible in an understandable way, and then he shows us how to apply the lessons to our lives. At our (Brick New Jersey) Christian Church, growing faith is important!

Got Questions? Your Questions Are Always Encouraged at Growing Faith Christian Church.

Growing Faith Church Ocean County NJ encourages questions.

You leave our worship services with a better understanding of who God is and how to have a relationship with Him. Growing Faith Church teaches how to know God personally, not just  know about Him. 

Approachable Leadership, Ready to Lend a Hand to help Grow your faith in God.

Growing Faith Christian Church Ocean County NJ has sincere leaders.

Our leaders are people who very sincerely try to follow God and apply the golden rule in their lives.  They are available to provide practical help and spiritual guidance.  We are a Christian Church and we follow Jesus’ teachings.   

We are part of a group of Christian Churches. See our directory here: https://growingfaithchurch.org/affiliates/

Our Christian Church (Ocean County NJ)  is a small but growing Christian church Ocean County New Jersey.

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